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Why SEO is equal importance like PPC11/11/2016

Every brand is fighting for online visibility and this process is getting harder day by day. There are millions of websites and majority of them produces regular content. Google displays only a few names in its first page and it all comes down to the online marketing efforts. Organizations have understood the value of digital marketing and social selling. They optimize their website in a way that it is easily noticed by search engines. Search engines are used to find various services and this makes SEO very important. Digital marketing services are getting popular in India and different brands are availing their services.

As per Forrester, 81% of internet users discover the desired content thorough search engines. Visibility is mainly boosted by PPC, Social media marketing and SEO. The scene is not different in India; the role of a SEO company in delhi becomes extremely crucial. These companies take care of different online activities, which ultimately improve the rankings. Once the rank goes up, the company has a better chance of developing customers and getting leads.  Many marketers approach these two things differently, the strategies are separate. But a PPC expert will not believe that, these strategies must be incorporated simultaneously. The common string that attaches these two terms is search. The PPC efforts must compliment the SEO strategies; it should make the search strategy more powerful.

PPC can definitely produce some fantastic results, but SEO gives the added exposure is SERPs. PPC is costly; clients don’t want to continue it for a long time. As a term reaches the top rank, the efforts are significantly reduced. In any Google page, the top positions are always occupied by PPC ads. A PPC company in Delhi will help you get these ranks easily; the top brands always get the most traffic. In digital marketing, a lot of data is needed for analysis. SEO doubles this amount and by implementing the accurate PPC keywords, the entire strategy is optimized. PPC can lift the ranks, if the organic results are good enough. Paid search depends heavily on organic search, they can’t function independently.  The impact becomes even higher, if SEO is done simultaneously with PPC.

By : Jaya Patnaik      Category : Digital Marketing



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