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Creative ways to publish Social Media Updates19/12/2016

Content is the soul of the internet. Every webpage, blog and portal runs on content. Informative articles provide value, while compelling headlines attract the attention of the visitor. Simply posting an update doesn’t make a difference, as the internet is already overloaded with information. This competition is even tougher on social media sites. There are millions of pages and accounts, organic reach is decreasing constantly. Companies must take their social media marketing to a different level, in order to create an impact. The challenges are tough, but a powerful content strategy will bring results every time.  Focus on maintaining the user engagement. Create content that is exciting and fresh.

How to make social media posting creative? Let’s look at some methods which are used by digital marketing experts all over the world:

  • Use quotes to create an emotional aspect – Quotes don’t have a direct marketing value, but it will strengthen a brand’s connection with the audience. It can be inspirational, funny or informative. As per social media surveys, readers have a tendency to share quotes more frequently.
  • Share important updates about your company – On the internet, people want to connect with all aspects of a brand. Continuous marketing updates are not only boring, they create a “disconnect” with the followers. Brands should always share updates about their work culture, employee programs and relevant company news.
  • Create user-generated content – Involving users in the content strategy is a great way to maximizing engagement. Give them a chance to share their creativity and increase your brand’s visibility exponentially.
  • Use a little humor in the posts – Social media is not a serious place, people are always looking for a little fun on this platform. From hilarious GIFs to funny pictures, humor always has a greater emotional impact.

The perfect social media strategy involves a little bit of every element. Leading SMO firms expertly use these content tricks to get good results. A top SMO company in Delhi can positively influence a brand’s ROI and produce guaranteed results in digital marketing.

By : Jaya Patnaik      Category : Digital Marketing



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